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Sea cucumbers breathe through branched respiratory tubes, or trees that go from the cloaca to the body cavity. The cloaca contract, forcing water into the respiratory. The water is emptied into the body cavity and mixes with body fluids and supplies the sea cucumber with oxygen.

Sea cucumbers from class of Holothuroidea are a group of echinoderms that include about 1, known living species. It is a unique creature due to the existence of endoskeleton or internal skeleton that consists of tiny ossicles or spicules, small particles of calcium carbonate embedded in the body.

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Sea cucumber change their size and weight on demand, spewing or inhaling water. Their migration patterns are unknown and the age of an individual cucumber is impossible to discern. Oct 10,  · Sea cucumbers, belonging to the class Holothuroidea, are marine invertebrates, habitually found in the benthic areas and deep seas across the world.

They have high commercial value coupled with increasing global production and trade. Sea cucumbers, informally named as bêche-de-mer, or gamat, have. - 1 SEA CUCUMBER IN MEDICAL APPLICATION INTRODUCTION Sea cucumbers from class of Holothuroidea are a group of echinoderms that include about 1, known living species.

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