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In this essay I will determine to explore Gauguin's life and his well-known painting Where Do We Come From? What Are We?

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Where Are We Going? Paul Gauguin was born in Paris, France on June 7, Gauguin's family was middle class people with a liberal outlook on life.

His father, Clovis, was a journalist, and his own family were gardeners, and. Paul Gauguin: “Agony in the Garden” Essay Sample. Paul Gauguin’s “Agony in the Garden” was painted in at a pivotal point in his career, while living among the peasants in Le Pouldu, Brittany.

Spotlight Essay: Paul Gauguin, Te Atua (The Gods), September Elizabeth C. Childs Etta and Mark Steinberg Professor of Art History and chair of the Department of Art History & Archaeology, Washington University in St.

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This partnership needs to relate to educational uses and roles of interest, very often education policy review as a separation of interests. Paul Gauguin, cited in George Shackelford et al., Gauguin: Tahiti (Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, ), The letter is reproduced on page For more on this, see my essay “Catholicism and the Modern Mind: The Painter as Writer in Late Career,” in Shackelford, Gauguin, Gauguin Part I - Selection of the Art Object: This paper aims to cover a Formal Analysis of “The Yellow Christ”, an artwork by Paul Gauguin, of art for contemplation and better self-comprehension (Charles & Victoria, pp ).

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